CrimShield Pro Identity Verification Services.

what is crimshield pro As an employer, you don’t only have to choose a dependable and qualified individual for each job opening – you have to ensure that the person you have spoken with is actually who they claim to be.

That’s not always easy. Convicted criminals, illegal immigrants, and those looking to escape their pasts can all use various forms of fraud to escape detection and slip by instant background checks. By using false IDs, borrowed Social Security numbers, or simply changing one letter in their name on an application, these individuals can avoid showing up on public databases and stop you from finding out who they really are.

Those tricks don’t work when you have CrimShield Pro on your side. That’s because our licensed investigators go farther than anyone else in the industry when it comes to identity verification, including:

  • Verifying details applicants have provided through photo IDs and other documents
  • Examining credentials in court records to spot identity theft
  • Checking federal, state, and local court records in any area the applicant has lived within the past 10 years
  • Assigning every screening to a licensed investigator who can spot signs of fraud
The result is a system from where you can know exactly whom you’re about to hire, which is the first step toward having them Crime-Free Certified. For more information on our identity verification services and employee management tools, contact the CrimShield team today at 1-888-422-2547.