Employment Screening Done Right.

what is crimshield pro In far too many companies, employment screening is considered an afterthought or extra expense. Managers interview candidates, run their names through instant background check services that give back a jumbled set of results, and make a hiring decision based on incomplete information.

Unfortunately, convicted felons and dangerous individuals know exactly how to beat these systems. That means it’s easy for them to join your company by using a false identity or hiding their true past. The result is often high turnover, employee theft, and even legal liabilities stemming from negligent hiring practices.

CrimShield Pro eliminates these problems by using a nationwide network of licensed investigators to check court records and government watch lists at the federal, state, and municipal level. We go the extra mile to find out if your applicants and employees don’t have anything to hide, and to give you and your customers an added layer of safety and protection.

We take the time to get employment screening right, including:

  • Verifying that the applicant is using their real name and identity
  • Checking hundreds of courts in person to look for past convictions, including any cities or counties where an applicant has lived within the past ten years
  • Using our team of live investigators to spot inconsistencies or red flags
  • Making it easy for you to recertify employees on an annual basis
Do you want to hire dependable employees you can trust or take unnecessary chances with convicted criminals who want to hide their records from you? Call CrimShield today at 1-888-422-2547 to see how easy it is to get the employment screening assistance you need.