Frequently Asked Questions...

How will CrimShield Pro improve my employment screening?
You already know how important it is to keep thieves, drug addicts, and dangerous criminals away from your company and customers. CrimShield Pro makes that easier by investigating applicants more thoroughly than anyone else in the industry.

Instant background checks are cheap and convenient, but they don’t do what they are supposed to. It only takes one missing letter in a name, or one wrong digit in a birth date or social security number, for a convicted criminal to slip through the cracks.

Using our nationwide network of licensed investigators, we look into every applicant’s background, ensuring they are who they say they are. We operate by checking court records and government watch lists by hand, all while looking for gaps, inconsistencies, or red flags. By investigating employees in a way that other companies can’t, we help you find the best and most dependable people for the job, and to move forward confidently with your hiring decisions.

How is a CrimShield Crime-Free Certification different from an instant background check?
Because we use a nationwide network of live investigators and researchers who personally visit courts, study police records, and examine government watch lists at several levels – from federal to municipal – we are able to find data that instant background checks miss. And when you work with CrimShield, every screening is complete – you don’t have to pick and choose which records to check because we automatically investigate every applicant thoroughly.

Although instant background check companies advertise themselves as being valuable screening tools, these services simply compare names, Social Security numbers, and other basic information against publicly-available databases. CrimShield’s licensed investigators search more places and use live personnel to examine records and spot inconsistencies.

How long does a CrimShield Pro screening take?
Most CrimShield Pro investigations are completed within 3-5 business days, allowing you to make better hiring decisions without slowing down the onboarding process.

Does CrimShield Pro employment screening include drug testing and DMV records?
For an additional fee, employers have the option of adding DMV records and drug testing as part of the Crime-Free Certification process.

How can I show customers that my employees are Crime-Free Certified?
There are a number of ways to show the public you take their trust and safety seriously. In addition to badges, stickers, and other materials you can use to show customers your employees are crime-free, you can use our branded Security Clearance Card photo IDs with QR codes that can be scanned from most smartphones and other web-connected mobile devices. We’ll give you everything you need to turn your Crime-Free Certified status into an enormous marketing advantage..

What happens if one of my employees commits a crime after they’ve been certified?
If an employee commits an offense after they’ve already been hired, their criminal history will be noted when they have applied for renewal of their Crime-Free Certification. Roughly 3% of all previously-screened employees have new convictions at renewal, which shows exactly why these annual reviews are so important.