Gain a Marketing Advantage by Showing the World Your Employees are Crime-Free

Using CrimShield Pro to keep dangerous individuals off of your payroll is a great way to stay away from trouble… but it’s also a way to give yourself a powerful marketing edge.

When you can tell customers that you’ve used licensed investigators to ensure you aren’t sending convicted felons and dangerous individuals into their homes and offices, you give them a sense of safety and security most businesses can’t match. And, you make them wonder why your competitors aren’t doing the same thing.

With CrimShield Pro, we make it easy to show off your credentials with:

Branded Security Clearance Card ID Badges - these can be linked to our online database, so customers can scan them and verify that your employee is one of the “good guys” within seconds.

Stickers and Signage – place CrimShield branded displays on your office, business cards, vehicles, and uniforms so customers can see at a glance that your team is Crime-Free Certified.

Online Tools – Using our website and integrated profile management system, you can download the marketing images you need and manage individual employee credentials at any time.

Your customers want to know you’re doing everything you can to protect them from dangerous people, especially in their own homes and offices. Make it easy for them to trust you by taking advantage of our Crime-Free Certified marketing tools and assets. It might be just what you need to win new business and put buyers at ease!